SERVICES: The SMART, Unstoppable Learning Enterprise

A new learning landscape is emerging. It is driven by increasingly intelligent technology, a flooded information field, social media and globalization, faster obsolescence of work-related skills, and new insights from neuroscience and psychology about how and why we learn.

It’s up to every adult to become a SMART, unstoppable learner
      It’s up to every manager, coach, subject matter expert, and anyone with useful knowledge to be effective learning helpers
           And it’s up to every business to treat learning as the core capability – essential for survival in the digital age

It’s time to for a significant upgrade in learning everywhere. It’s time for Learning 4.0.

SMART 4.0 Learners …

  • Are less anxious in face of information overload
  • Keep up with the pace of change – including new skill and knowledge demands
  • Achieve their development and habit change goals
  • Learn efficiently from a broad array of resources
  • Are not easily manipulated by misinformation and propaganda
  • Concentrate and focus better
  • Approach their days’ challenges with curiosity and confidence

SMART Learning 4.0 Teams…

  • Are innovative
  • Address problems before they become crises
  • Create energizing rather than defensive and competitive work environments
  • Achieve breakthroughs
  • Draw on and use of all the skills and knowledge available in the team
  • Are fun and stimulating to be part of

The SMART Learning enterprise…

  • Is agile
  • Is innovative
  • Is successful in change
  • Retains and attracts the best talent
  • Is a stimulating and supportive place to work
  • Mines the learning potential in all resources and situations – not just in formal programs

People’s learning mindsets and practices are the foundation of the truly agile, unstoppable enterprise. Learn more about these innovative products at our sister site: