Our Goal: Thought Leadership Bridging Research and Practice

Learning is the way you keep up, prepare for the future, master new hobbies, and meet new challenges at work and at home. But today's fast-paced, technology assisted, and information overloaded world calls for a new mindset and approaches. Be brighter every day, a stimulating team member, and help others learn and develop with Learning 4.0.

“…. just plain great story-telling – the kind that draws you in, stirs your passions, sustains your interest, teaches meaningful lessons, and leaves you both gratified and wanting more”
Jim Kouzes, co-author of the bestselling, The Leadership Challenge.

We’d like to think that leadership is a rational process – something that can be taught behaviorally and conceptually – according to a formula.

“… an insightful blend of wisdom, principles, examples and humor, as well as many ‘how-tos’ when it comes to dealing with the inevitable – change!”
Dr. Stephen R. Covery, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Executives and others who have formal authority may be responsible for articulating strategies and changing directions and making high level resource tradeoffs, but it’s what everybody does that creates the real future.

Peter Block prophetically said when this book was published, “If this were the last book written for the next twenty years on creating a workplace, we would save a lot of paper and miss nothing important in the process…”

To achieve the quality, productivity and innovation for success in today’s global marketplace, organizations of all types are instituting more participative methods. This book shows that participation is a way of thinking and working, not an add on. T9 important elements of organization life are affected: values…

With incorporation of the concepts presented in On-the-Level, we can conquer the real problem-poor communication between employee and supervisor. The book presents, in a fun and easy-to-read style, the sensitive "how-to" in becoming an effective partner in all aspects of performance communication. From Scientific American

It is difficult for people, regardless of position, to listen to others’ views, say what they think, and deal with difficult interpersonal situations when they occur. On-the-Level’s tried and true perspective and methods have helped over 100,000